award-winning and
  best reviewed poetry book on amazon
included in syllabus of peace and justice 
at michigan and wayne state university

As an anthropologist and professor for 20 years, I have noticed an uptick in anxiety, depression, and self-doubt-- in even some of my most promising students. This masterpiece is not only the best contemporary poetry book that I have read, but its a literal blueprint for healing. Rumi is above the clouds smiling at his golden child. Dr. Niv is indeed a fairy tale, is a majestic tour de force whose magical way of seeing and being in the world has inspired me deeply. Her odes to Trayvon Martin, Serena Williams, and those who perished unnecessarily from depression and abuse-- brought tears to me eyes. While submissions such as "Defiance," "Forgive, it leads to Freedom," "It's not a Race," and "A Too Much Woman," were epiphanies of hope reminding me that I can do better, I must do better. Nivedita is that rare person who has found her purpose, she floats in that sacred space between doing what she's good at, what she loves, and what the world needs. I absolutely could not put this book down, I read it twice on day one. I will carry it with me just like I do my water, book bag, or umbrella-- it is both inspirational and utilitarian. Her 16 steps at the end of the book are a template for an aligned and informed life. For what "(we) hold in our hearts grows all over our souls."

Professor Eric Montgomery (Michigan State University)



my lil' love letter to you...

i am a stroke survivor, assault survivor, divorce survivor, heartbreak survivor. these books are a much-needed rendezvous, where we needed to meet each other to love together, to laugh together, to travel together and to heal together.

these pages, at times tearfully crafted, at times joyfully crafted--but always hopefully crafted, are an attempt to sit next to your heart, to have a conversation with your feelings. feelings that you may have needed to deny yourself out of silly or sincere fears.

hold my hand--you are safe here and you are very much enough here.

let us rest together on a pillow of dreams for a bit, hugging life and putting wings on pain. please send whatever extra love you carry in your heart towards this imperfect but sincere attempt to reach out to you. 


i truly hope, as every single poem in these books is woven, that it becomes a colorful, soft and tender blanket for your soul.

i love you all so much.
don't forget to be kind to yourself.

nivedita lakhera